“Does this place have any ordinances against screaming? Just if someone felt the need to scream really loud for some reason, would that get them in trouble?”

“This is a large city, Sinner. I think it’s safe to say you may scream as loud as you please, and nobody will even remark on it.”

Caspien Varga – dirtbag mercenary, noodle aficionado, and accidental immortal – is on a mission. Her nomadic people, the Obade, have sent her to negotiate with the all-powerful Regent to the Empire. The Obade need to secure the Empire’s help in finding somewhere the finally settle down. And Caspien’s newfound ability to bounce back from death might just be the bargaining chip required – especially seeing as it came from touching an ancient artefact that resembles one of the Empire’s most powerful and long-lost relics.

Except that as soon as she gets her audience with the Regent things go pear-shaped – the Regent’s megalomaniac brother declares a coup, the ancient Dreadnought they’re travelling on is plagued by strange malfunctions, and worst of all, Caspien begins to have feelings for the complicated yet compelling woman behind the Regent’s mask.

Perfect for fans of the growing wave of sapphic genre fiction, THE STARS OUR HOME combines the voice and humour of Valerie Valdes’ CHILLING EFFECT with the power dynamics and mystery of A MEMORY CALLED EMPIRE.